Friday, July 3

Out and about today

Warm weather and fairly good health allowed us to enjoy the beach today.

This morning was a nice low tide which exposed alot of tide pools and we had a blast looking for crabs, clams, worms and cool shells.

Tommy seemed very relaxed watching the tide come in and out.

Liam loves the waves coming in.

The water looked calm and very blue. We saw seagulls of course but a few herons also.

Even the little clam shells were whiter than white in the sunshine.

Two little guys enjoying their 'finds'.

Hey, what's a cow doing at the beach? Well on our way home we stopped by Pleasant Valley dairy to buy some homestead cheese. And we were treated to a tour by their wonderful family. The twins LOVED sampling the cheeses seeing the baby cows and all the farm equipment.

This was a little bull being raised to become one of their herd bulls.

This is Liam running around and in the background you can see the door to their cheese shop. YUMMY. And since our own family farm has a visiting milk goat and I have LOTS of goats milk right now, I purchased some rennet from them and when our weekend calms down a little..... I'm making mozarella! We like cheese alot, and we really enjoyed visiting this 3 generation farm, they are extremely nice folks producing wonderful raw milk cheeses.

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