Saturday, July 11

Parent to parent summer get together

Somedays I need to start the day as "superman". There is just so much to do, so many people to meet and places to go to.
We went to the annual P2P summer get together at Lake Whatcom today. The newest 'Super Sitters' graduated from their two day course on babysitting/cpr/first aid and so Liam and I went to play with them.

They were so much fun! They had the duplo table set up. And a swimming pool full of bird seed to play in.

I just loved them duplos.

And there was even a group of sitters doing tattoo's! I look good in pink don't I? Crazy!
My big sister Hannah got to be one of the 'returning' sitters and played with alot of cool kids. There were so many sitters that mom got to eat her lunch all by herself without chasing us.
What a great afternoon.

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