Sunday, September 20

Barely better

Liam and Hannah definately got the worse with this virus. Liam went two days without vomitting and then last night.... just as I got the warm couch cushion covers BACK on the couch.... he vomitted all over..... the couch. Ahhhhh. I almost cried. For him. For me. For the rest of the family that is sick of being sick. Instead, I ripped those suckers off the couch, shoved them BACK into the washer on sanitary cycle, took a deep breath and grabbed the bleach spray bottle for the foam cushions.

I feel bad that both Liam and Hannah still don't feel good. They are stir crazy with staying inside and not being able to visit friends. This too shall pass. Soon I hope.

Nate and I still are the only healthy ones. Insane. But healthy. :)

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