Sunday, September 6

Catching up

Tommy has been too fast for pictures lately. Literally, they are all blurs of activity. Which is good. You can barely see his eye infection is still there. The antibiotics are almost finished.

We received an exciting idea from a dietician at Option care. We are going to reduce his milk to 12 ounces a day and replace the remaining ounces with a combination of water and a can of Nutrine Junior. Even though Tommy tested not allergic to milk, I really think he has some sensitivity to it. Plus the Nutrine Junior has probiotics, fiber AND his iron which I cannot seem to figure out a good time of day to give it (ie not before milk, so long after his meds). This will be a HUGE blessing for Tommy's health. Especially his Hirschprung's Disease.

Labor day has been a long weekend to catch up with my family and relax. The twins have really enjoyed the swingset lately. Nate bought a skateboard and although he didn't stay on it long enough for a picture, I'm sure he will soon! Hannah has been busy with friends and getting last minute shopping finished for back to school. I have greatly enjoyed a couple of three mile walks with both of my teens lately. Good heart to heart talks and some wonderful excercise for a mom that really needs it.

Of course there was plenty of time to play with trucks and rocks and run around in before the rain started! We have enjoyed a garden that just keeps producing ALOT of veggies. My friend Tiffany is holding one of our 'smaller' cabbages. I even took them to women's group Bunko at church and gave them away. And would you believe I grew artichokes? We live less than three miles to the Strait of Georgia and within 8 minutes of the Canadian border.... and yet we grew artichokes. Thanks Aunt Elizabeth for great plants! The garden has been lots of fun, and an equal amount of work. We canned a total of 45 quarts of green beans. Lots of tomatoes are just ripening and our sweet corn is probably ready in another week. Carrots, beets and summer squashes continue to grow. Lots of lettuces, a few cucumber and HUGE walla walla sweets. Pumpkins are just starting to blush orange. And the bunny rabbits have left me a few lettuces.
I even had time this weekend to bake. The bananna bread is from one of my grandma's recipes, don't worry the recipe is actually touching the bread. I'm glad I took this pic, because the bread was gone in less than two hours after it was baked. Long weekends are so good for finding a recipe you really want to make, and having just a bit longer to actually make it.

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