Wednesday, September 2

What works for us Wednesday

What works for us this week? Keeping on the 'sunny side' of life. Yep, just like the song, you can choose to be thankful and keep things positive.... OR.... you can get sucked into sadness and a swirling vortex. Try it today. When you feel your mind and your heart are getting sad or anxious about a situation, take a breath, lift your chin a little up and just think to yourself I can do this! So, keeping on the sunny side is 'what works for us this week'. Here is how we turned things around:

Tommy has had an eye infection ever since his June 3 clogged tear duct surgery. He has been on/off antibiotics orally AND in the eyes. He just wasn't improving yesterday so off to the doctor him and I went again. Again. And there is where my heart grew pretty heavy with yet another round of infection and another lil' paper slip in my hand for an antibiotic. But, he and I both put our chins up and here is what we are thankful for:

We got to accidentally bump into a friend of Tommy's 'Miss M' and her parents. She turns three very soon and is SO CUTE! We don't see them very often and mommy always likes talking to her parents, so we are thankful they were placed in our path at the doctor's office.

Promise made Tommy a "to go" lunch for the doctor visit. They premeasured his milk and grabbed his Gtube connector/syringe made him a very yummy lunch in little totes so our 11:40 dr appt was very comfortable with lunch to go.

The doctor prescribed an antibiotic that is once day! Non refrigerated too. VERY parent friendly round this time.

When we got to the pharmacy it was Gtube feeding time and mommy got to educate a few people on "just what are you doing?". She sometimes feels akward with the questions and stares, but not this time, she is thankful the words came out just right and we are both thankful Tommy is completely on BOLUS feeds. No more pump! We were very portable :)

We are also thankful for triple insurance. All these dr visits do grow weary, but we are grateful for health insurance that pays it all.

And aside from doctor visits, we are also thankful for a GREAT freshman orientation and BBQ last night at Sehome HS where both Hannah and Nate got their pictures taken and schedules. I got a little teary thinking that Nate is in High School! But immediately was thankful that he is bright, very able and so handsome, and the amount of friends he had was reassuring that the transition will go well.

Keeping it on the sunny side :)

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