Thursday, September 24

Birthday celebration

I'm 41 years old today and it was REALLY a fun day. I got to see my sister Debbie and niece Madison, they brought a bunch of cookies, iced pumpkin latte and flowers to me at work, what a surprise.
All four of my kids got me all kinds of fun presents. My husband made me a cake! Lots of phone calls and facebook birthday wishes made the day so special.
I'm not sure which picture I like better from my birthday cake. Help me decide.
Here is Tommy freaking out when everyone sang Happy Birthday. We all take these moments in stride, having confidence and faith that in a few moments he will recover. It's funny because we use to talk amongst the six of us about 'why' he has outbursts of tears or screams in fear at sounds, but this past year we have the quietness amongst us of just knowing he is being just himself. I'm sure we all would like to be ourselves more often!
Or is this my favorite picture? Hannah with her friend Alyssa on the phone. Miss A is my 'weekend' daughter. Spending Friday nights here after cheerleading or coming over on a Saturday night.... or sometimes both. She is such a sweet, fun and helpful girl. Alyssa sang happy birthday thru the phone speaker to me.

Daddy was still setting up the 'timer' on the camera so I got a sweet picture of me and my kiddos, a fun picture.

I like this picture too because Liam LOVES his big sista Hannah and always has an eye on her :)

Or is my favorite

Thanks to my family for a fun birthday! Love you guys :)

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