Tuesday, September 15

Heart visit

Today was our usual six month visit to Cardiology. Tommy still has a moderate mitral valve leak and the left side of the heart is still large according to the echo today. That we know.

Since Tommy was hospitalized with pneumonia for a week in June plus all the antibiotics lately for illnesses, we will be going back to visit Dr. Heart (simplified because I don't want to type the dept names anymore) sooner than six months for our next visit. More like 4 months if Tommy continues to be ill. The Dr. Heart recommended a referral to Pulmonary for a possible sleep study and cathaterization to check lung pressures. This will be a good thing.

We then went to the lab for a blood draw for Dr. Immunology back in B'ham as a follow up pneumonia titer count. And Tommy found the clown! Yippee, I just love it when Child's Life folks are about in outpatient. It makes life more livable :)

Grandma Sue was a wonderful help during the morning and we enjoyed lunch with her and a visit with Grandpa Bill before we came home. I haven't seen my mom in a month and my dad in two months! Bad daughter I am :)

Today was the first day that Tommy has one of his Gtube feedings substituted with Nutrene Junior (we are going to transition to water and Nutrene rather than milk and see if that makes a difference to his health). I only used 2 ounces rather than 6 to 'ease into' this new food. Heavy sigh. He barfed for the rest of the day. And night. What to do now? Does anyone else out there use Nutrene or Pediasure for one feeding during the day to get iron/probiotics/fiber? Thru a gtube? Yelp.

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