Monday, September 28


Hannah, Nate and Liam all have the flu. For Hannah and Nate it's about day 7. For Liam it is just the beginning. Hannah is just miserable with it. Coughing, fever that stays around 100, body aches, headache and just no energy. Nate is doing slightly better, but I think he just doesn't complain as much :) And for Liam the ibuprofen turns him into superman. I thought it was just a cold for the older kids, but now the doctor says the symptoms are more of the flu.

Of course Tommy isn't going to be able to avoid the flu now. He won't dodge this bullet as most of us have it. It's just a matter of 'when'. I contacted his doctor today and as soon as he shows signs they will give him Tamiflu antiviral. I have mixed feelings about that, but all who I have talked to say Tommy is exactly who the Tamiflu is designed for and should be immediately given. Anyone else gotten this far with the flu with special healthcare kids?

I'm getting a bit sick of the kids being sick. I love them all dearly and caretake for them to the best of my abilities. But honestly, it's week three and I'm tired. I miss my extended family, I haven't visited with many of them for almost a month. It's lonely and isolating when your kids are ill. And I feel badly for my kids because they are just in pain and so bored of being stuck at home.

I pray that I don't become ill until everyone else is better. It just works out so much better. Hope all of you are in better health than us :)

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