Sunday, November 22

Chuck e. Cheese for Daphne's party

We had fun at our friend Daphne's birthday party.
Mommy is so tired she can barely talk about it. We stayed for three and a half hours! It was partly because the place was so fun and mostly because Daphne's family and friends were all so nice to us and helpful too.

In the picture below I'm telling mommy to go that way. "MAM, oooo"
Because I needed to get my legs just right and hoist myself up.... up.... up....

And INTO the game. I just didn't understand why none of the other people weren't INSIDE the games. It's such a better view.

Daphne's dad Dino was teaching her all kinds of helpful tricks.

She is a real natural at basketball!
Liam stuck with all things car related. He LOVED driving anything that had a steering wheel. Nate went with us to be mommy's extra hand because daddy was working all weekend. I don't know how she thought she could do it without Nate!
She was kept *very* busy running after me. I ran into their kitchen, the men's bathroom, in and out of different games, thru lines packed with people waiting for things like food (which makes strangers to me a tad grouchy), I couldn't run outside though because they have a system that children must leave with a matched adult (they stamp your family's hands with a unique number for your family). Unfortunately at the end of the party, mom physically had to carry two melted down boys to the car.... she told the door attendant her 14 year old strawberry blond son was cashing in tickets for a toy and to let him out when he came in another minute.... but the message was lost.... and Nate was trapped in Chuck E Cheese (very upset). All ended well though!

Liam driving yet another car. He really liked the Chuck E Cheese animated show with the computerized mouse talking and singing.... he even sang along! We are proud of you brother.

All the games were quickly figured out by me.....

Each was much better to play inside or on top of the game......

Mommy tried to take a picture of Nate and Liam playing some games, but I decided to climb into a booth with another family and start eating their pizza so she couldn't take pictures other than me....
It was a really fun time, TONS OF SANITIZER was used on hands and faces. Diaper changes were done standing up in the bathroom stall forbidden to touch anything, I have decided not to use bathroom changes tables anymore. I don't know if the precautions worked, but we had a blast. And we learned so many new signs from Daphne and her family.

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