Sunday, November 1

Halloween 2009

Daddy was hard working this weekend helping our checkbook out, thank you daddy! So that meant we four had mommy running in a few directions. Tommy LOVED keeping track of the pumpkin seeds while we carved.

As usual, Nate has fun designs for his pumpkin.
After pumpkin carving and drinking some witches brew (crockpot apple juice/pineapple juice/lime jello package and allspice).... it was off to trick or treat with our cousins.
The twins were Buzz and Woody from Toy Story

I'm woody from Toy Story!

Here we are with most of my cousins (missing Andrew). They taught us how to trick or treat real quick! And were always helpful.

Of course my mommy just LOVES her niece Madison. It doesn't get any better than her in that costume.

HUGE thanks to Uncle Rob and Aunt Debbie who as usual are mommy's extra hands with a child who thought he was a cross between a bat and a gypsy (Tommy), many times on a dead run thru the night air in the wrong direction. Uncle Rob always had a great sense of humor! THANK U!

Our treat bags were sooo cool. They were made by G'ma Sue and G'aunt Elizabeth a couple of years ago. They are TINY pillow cases and have lil' pillows that mommy put back in them for the sleepy ride home. Perfect for the car seat and great for our hands to hold, thank you!

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