Wednesday, November 18

Preschool evaluation day

Today was the twins preschool evaluation day. On their third birthday which is coming very soon... they will transition from our 0-3 yr old program to the school district early preschool intervention program.

Colin and I had the opportunity to bring the twins to meet their new therapists and teacher and others to be evaluated for service needs. We met with the school psychologist, the school nurse, the speech language therapist, the occupational therapist and their wonderful new teacher Miss Gayle.
The boys were..... ACTIVE. Moving balls of energy that didn't take guidance or 'testing' to heart. They simply took no time to stop and be evaluated. Like Colin said, it was like they were in Disneyland, the preschool is just so packed with fun stuff!
In fact, the team of evaluators couldn't get much data on Tommy. His attention span is mere seconds long (about 15 seconds I'm guessing). And Liam has such a significant expressive language delay that at the end of just an hour, the folks said we qualify for services for both boys and we will learn more about their ideas for goals and outcomes at the IEP.
December 9 will be our IEP date and we are so excited to see these very nice therapists and teachers again. They all feel ready for these two lil' guys.
We are going to miss our dear Promise so much, that I can't even begin to write about leaving them.
But here is a fun shirt we found at consignment and a book tonight at the library.... perfect ending to an informative (and exhausting) day.

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