Tuesday, November 10

Preschool observation

Today we had the opportunity to observe the preschool 'in action', where Tommy & Liam will attend. It was very well organized, the teachers are gifted with talent for our kids learning, clean, nicely paced and very comfortable. We stayed two hours and even got to look inside the bus at the seats with their baby seat harnesses. The sign language interpreter was good, the medical asst who does g-tube feeds was patient and talented in those and the teacher and other aide were great at each of the routines for the day (concepts, snack, speech, etc).

Colin and I felt like a weight had been lifted from our shoulders driving home from the preschool. Okay, I was much more anxious about 'where' the twins attend preschool. This is a wonderful opportunity for Tommy & Liam to learn from peers, teachers and receive individualized OT and Speech/sign is huge. The teachers were just lovely in every interaction with the kids.

Later this month is their evaluation by the school district and then beginning of December is their IEP meeting. And although their third birthday is 12/12, we decided to wait until after winter break and join the class on Jan 4.

To all of you who have kids in Cascadia preschool, your kids are so stinking adorable. We look forward to meeting more families thru this opportunity, just like we did in the 0-3 yrs program.

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