Sunday, October 7

Buddy Walk - Team Tommy's Tigers

The Buddy Walk was yesterday and boy did Tommy have fun! In fact it took mommy four times to try to put him to bed last night which is very unusual for Tommy. He kept looking around the nursery as is to wonder where his audience was.

The walk was beautiful! Much of it was along a treelined creek.

We were joined on the walk by Grandparents Bill and Sue, Aunt Tami and cousin Andrew, Ann Marie, Alyssa and of course our family... Daddy, Mommy, Hannah, Nate, Tommy and Liam. We met new friends and got to visit with old friends. And did we mention our friend Mighty Max finished the entire walk!

We would love to say thank you to the Reid Family and Hughes Family for generous donatations (mommy thinks Tommy's Tigers totalled almost $1,200 in donations). Thanks to DsO Whatcom County for continuing another year of such a wonderful event! We are looking forward to next year.

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