Friday, October 19

Catching up

These past two days at home have been SO much easier than other post surgery at "home days". Perhaps it is because the surgery itself was one of the more minor ones, perhaps because Daddy and Mommy are becoming more confident in their parenting of Tommy's special health care needs, perhaps because Tommy is becoming more able to vocalize his needs -- he is amazing.

Here are some pictures to enjoy only because I downloaded my camera from the past week. Whew, that felt great to do. You other moms know exactly how it feels to have those great pictures trapped on your digital camera. Too busy with kiddos to take the time to download but it's always nagging in the back of your head.... wish I could post some pics.

We picked LOTS of apples a few days before Tommy's surgery. Tommy wasn't so sure about putting that apple in his mouth.... Liam showed him how it's done.

The mother of invention --- Grandma Sue! Mommy wanted some leggings made for post Gtube surgery. This would make Tommy's tummy more comfy without a waistband to worry about. Look at these colorful leggins from Grandma's crafty hands.

Tommy Adventures