Sunday, October 14

Wonderful day!

Mommy made it to church today, first time in weeks! Daddy was such a sweetie to stay home with two snoozing babies before he left for the Seahawks game. Mommy heard an inspiring sermon and enjoyed a big mocha as a treat.

This past week has been packed with great activities. Monday was playgroup, Wednesday we had another successful feeding therapy appointment and we finished the week with Nate's football game (they finally won one!). Tommy continues to improve in motor skills (rolling all over and supported sitting). We went to an apple orchard and both boys enjoyed holding what mommy/daddy picked. Aunt Debbie's swimming pool was completed on Saturday so Tommy enjoyed watching everyone splash around (too close to surgery tho for mommy to get in with Tommy).

Tommy's surgery is in two days! Tuesday he will be getting the Gtube, hyrnia repair and placement of ear tubes. Please keep him in your prayers for continued health (no sniffles or coughs) and a complete recovery. We will keep everyone posted thru this website.

Mommy has the van packed with all of Tommy's favorite foods, blankies and toys. This will be a much more comfy hospital stay (if that is possible).

Tommy Adventures