Tuesday, October 2

We are in!

In what? We are FINALLY in the blue house, no we didn't move, rather we are finally in the early intervention playgroup. Tommy and mommy went to playgroup yesterday in the blue house (Whatcom Center for Early Learning). And Tommy LOVED it. For the last six months mommy has driven by this house and patiently waited to be 'off the waiting list', she had a hunch Tommy would like it. We met new friends, looked at books (and Tommy loved the books), played with toys, had snack together (green beans and hummus) and yes he ate them with the help of a food grinder and mommy making small carefully placed spoonfuls in his mouth, learned from the speech/feeding therapist and instructional aide. It was wonderful! Tommy is looking forward to next week.

Mommy didn't quite enjoy the 'goal setting' after playgroup. Every few months we set new goals and somehow it is such a stressful event for this mommy. For the past nine months it has been a struggle, at times, to meet Tommy's medical needs and keep him alive. His life has been so fragile at times. Hirshsprung Disease, colitis, open heart surgery.... it seems that Colin and I often live day to day in hopes that Tommy grows healthier and stronger.

Goals, especially cognitive, seem so far from our concerns right now. So when the team asked what goals we should work for, I almost cried. I couldn't verabilize, until now, we just want Tommy to be healthy. To be a survivor. I tire from thinking about cognitive goals when I'm researching a Gtube, scheduling the next surgery, and trying to negotiate Tommy's RSV shots for this next year.

So during this meeting I put on blinders in my mind to stay focused on his abilities, what he enjoys, what makes him smile and curl his arms to his face in delight. Cognitive goals are set, written, signatures, etc. Mommy set them on a shelf.

We will work instead on laughing and enjoying a baby who's next surgery is October 16th. God's wonderful grace will get us through.

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