Monday, October 29

What a weekend!

The highlight of the weekend was Tommy's increased oral eating. Here is what mommy tried with Tommy: chicken with ground barley (almost a poppy seed texture, Gerber food), pumpkin pie with whipping cream (okay this one mommy was eating and just decided to use her fingers in Tommy's mouth which is REALLY successful instead of a spoon with new foods and textures), juices thickened in a nosey cup, tapioca pudding, and the BEST was Sunday spaghetti dinner made with ground turkey in the sauce..... yep, he ate it, fork smashed but still the larger spaghetti noodle textures and ground turkey was larger bits for him. He loved it and was reaching for the bowl. I cannot believe how quickly this is increasing for him. We meet with a dietician today and am taking his food journal (very proud of Tommy!).
Daddy and mommy took the boys camping this weekend. We enjoyed visiting with Grandma Sue and Papa Bill as well as old friends Brent and Lisa. Here is a picture of our Halloween outfits. Of course the twins are the cutest chicks and mommy/daddy are chicken farmers!

Tommy Adventures