Tuesday, October 16

Our Little Trooper

Our 9am surgery meant we were in the waiting area at 7:45am and Tommy couldn't be fed past 1am last night. He was hungry! But he patiently waited. And waited. At almost 11am the anesthesiologist finally camed to get our Tommy. He is in surgery now for the next two hours. We will update everyone as we know more.

Huge thanks to Grandma Sue for helping mommy move back into the Ronald McDonald House yesterday. The extra hands were much appreciated while mommy packed the twins around. And thank you Grandma Dorothy for staying with mommy and daddy before surgery as these never get any easier. This is Tommy's fourth stay at Children's and his third surgery, it is no easier than any of the others. We are thankful that he is healthy and didn't catch any colds and the surgery could happen as scheduled.

Please keep Tommy in your prayers today and ask that once again God's wonderful grace will see us through. Please pray for a complete recovery from his incisions.

Tommy Adventures