Thursday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day started last night. We decorated cookies for our nice teachers at Promise.

Mommy said we had appointments today, first the dentist then a hearing test! The dentist office had LOTS of toys and we had fun playing. While we were playing another set of twins came for their dental appt, they were 5 yrs old and identical twin boys. Their daddy really liked me and said that someone in his family has Ds and is 40 yrs old and has a job that he works at everyday.

Next it was the hearing test at WWU. It took two professors and two students (plus a tired momma) to get the exciting results....drum roll please.... I can hear at 20-25 decibels. Which is only a minor hearing loss and MUCH better than my old test score of 60 decibels. Thanks to those ear tubes.

After the hearing test mommy and I stopped for a yummy treat at a place that had a robot and a rocket, I LOVED staring at these guys. And the maple bar was pretty yummy!
When we picked Liam up, our nice teachers from Promise gave us valentine's day balloons and sweet treats!

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