Saturday, February 2

A little bit of sunshine...

And a lot smiles. I got outside today! Mom bundled me and Liam up and we got to play outside. Big brother Nate even took us for a wagon ride to see the barn, goats and chickens. The fresh air made me happy!

Here I am in my jumparoo out on the front porch. Notice the cool hat? I love it. My neighbor Nora made me and Liam matching hats out of her beautiful Alpaca yarns. Her family raises Alpacas. Thank you Nora for the soft, warm and beautiful hats.

Mom put me in the swing and I IMMEDIATELY grabbed the swing ropes. Gee whiz mom this thing needs more security for me. Cousin Andrew outgrew this and we REALLY like it.

Here is Liam watching daddy and Hannah hook up the horse trailer. Never a dull moment on our lil' farm.

Big picture for Liam....why?? He is wearing shoes! At 13 months we finally put a pair on him.

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