Thursday, February 7

More to drink?

Daddy took me to the feeding therapist yesterday. And guess what? I'm doing so good with my oral eating that my swallowing is looking good. So I'm going to try REALLY hard to drink my evening milk from my nosey cup instead of it going into my Gtube. Hmmm. I'm not sure if this is going to work to good because I'm so tired before bedtime. Mommy and I spent alot of time last night drinking from that cup and only 2 ounces needed to go into my Gtube. Not bad at all!

We had spaghetti for dinner and mommy helped me drink 2 oz then. Then I played for awhile, enjoyed my bath, and then she helped me with another 5 oz right before bed. I didn't drink all of that, in fact my pj's had a good oz on them... but I only needed the last 2 oz thru my tummy tube.

Liam was nice enough to try and help mommy a bunch of times while she was helping me drink. He ran off with bottle of milk that mommy was using to pour into my nosey cup. Mommy doesn't put a lid on the bottle because she uses the thickner and needs to stir the milk. So Liam wasted a bunch of milk. And the ThickIt wasn't working as well as mommy hoped (milk has enzymes that change the consistency with ThickIt) so we probably used a half gallon of milk just to try to get me to drink the 5 oz. She was laughing and so was I!

I hope tonight's effort is as fun ;)

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