Thursday, February 28

My week

This week was pretty fun, mommy kept forgetting to update my post till tonight though.

We started the week Monday morning with playgroup and there were SO many kids there! We even met a new little baby with Ds. Snack was delicious, crushed pineapple. Liam came with me so it was LOTS of fun.

Tuesday night mommy snuck out, very sneakily. She went to women's group at church. Me, Liam, Hannah and Nate stayed home with dad. Hannah surprised mommy by cleaning the kitchen and folding LOTS of laundry. Big sis is great! We made ground turkey sloppy joes.... I LOVED those things.

Today we got to see salamanders! We have two ponds on our property and after it rained, the lil' salamanders started appearing around the yard, probably happy to be able to get out of their ponds. I liked 'em! Mommy of course didn't let us touch them, but we looked at them.

The BEST part of the week so far is the nights. Liam and I have slept an average of at least 10 hours. This is VERY unusual for us to sleep thru the night, for the past 14 months we have taken turns waking. Daddy and mommy are THANKFUL and taking full advantage of the shut eye.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Tommy Adventures