Tuesday, February 19

Lake Chelan Weekend

All I have to say is.... we HAVE to do this more often.

Mommy, Liam and Tommy saying we want to do this more often!!!

We spent four days, three nights with four other families in a vacation home and had a blast. This is exactly what mommy and daddy (and us kids) needed. Each family cooked a meal once, did dishes once and got to relax ALOT!

Friday night we got to the home and got all of our stuff unpacked. Hannah and Liam hung out in the playpen for some silly fun!

Saturday was spent snowmobiling (Daddy, Hannah and Nate) while mommy stayed behind with us babies. Look how high up they got!

This was Hannah and Nate's first real snowmobile experience as they got to drive by themselves (in a group, but on their own sled). They did GREAT.

Sunday we went to a tubing hill called Echo Valley in Chelan. Hannah and Nate LOVED going fast down the hill. Mommy went down the 'bunny' hill on her innertube and nearly peed her pants from laughing! Liam and I hung out with daddy and our new friends. It was about 50 degrees out so we started complaining about our snow suits.

Daddy LOVED hanging out at the bottom of the tubing hill with Liam and I. Our cheeks were so rosey by the end of our fun.

Nate was EXHAUSTED after climbing back up the tubing hill two dozen times.

Hannah and Nate are getting into their tubes at the tip-top of the hill.

On Monday we had to drive back home. Half way thru our trip (after the mountain pass was closed for a bit) Grandpa Bill, Grandma Sue, Aunt Tami and cousin Andrew met us for dinner after we finally made it back off the pass. We spent 12 hours on Monday coming back from Chelan. Although a good hour of that was spent in Leavenworth while mommy hunted down a big piece of cherry strudel (thanks daddy for stopping).

Pass the gwak-amolee! Braska you are right about that yummy stuff.

We finally made it back to Ferndale after 10pm last night. Whew! We are ready to do this again though :)

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