Saturday, February 2

Occupational therapy

I enjoyed one of the best OT appts ever! Mommy and the therapist tried different "spio" tshirts and unitards on me. What is SPIO clothing? Well, it just might help me feel more stable with my muscles and then I might wanna move a bit more.

Here's their technical info: SPIO (Stabilizing Pressure Input Orthosis) are made from a Lycra-like blend material that provides deep pressure through compression to improve positional limb and body awareness, core muscle and joint stabilization, and increase precision of muscle activation and movement.

After mommy figured out it's just the tshirt that I need.... the therapist and I worked on my smooth moves from a sitting position into a crawl. I didn't mind too much and did it a few times. Then I went from a crawling position back to a sit by myself (I love doing that because I feel so much better sitting).

Whew! We weren't done yet though. E the therapist put my VERY favorite strand of beads (gee whiz I love those beads) into a container with blocks. I pulled them out of the container and put them back into the container. Same with the blocks! Mommy was impressed.

Not done yet! With mommy's help I showed E how I stand. Mommy (or daddy) have to hold onto my hips for stability, and I love to stand up and get a better view on the world.

Okay, now for the grand finale... E hooked up the big platform swing. E sat on the swing, I sat on her lap and we swung gently back on forth with my body in different positions so I could work on feeling my vestibular system differently. I liked that big huge swing.

OT was great this week!

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