Saturday, February 9

Kindness for Lake Chelan trip

First of all it's okay to say repeatedly that I'm crazy when you read what we are going to do over next weekend's long holiday.

We are taking all six of us to Lake Chelan. Yes there are five feet of snow (lots more in places I'm sure). Four families (a few that I have never met) are renting a vacation home (which I have never seen) and snowmobiling around Lake Chelan (which I have never been to). Sound like I know what I'm doing?
I don't. But daddy does. He knows that he is going to be snowmobiling and that is what he needs right now. To do something that he "use to do" and absolutely loves. So.... a few of his friends drove up to help him get the snowmobiles into working order. What wonderful friends we have. The sleds look like brand new.
Hannah and Nate are really excited to snowmobile too. They get to drive sleds this time! Tommy and Liam and I will enjoy the scenary from inside the home. I did get to a consignment store and found wonderful snowsuits, hats, mittens so we may sneak outside for abit while everyone is gone during the day.
Next weekend is the date! I'm sure the stories will be funny to share when we return.

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