Friday, May 9

About me (thanks to being tagged by RK)

Braska's mommy tagged my mommy for an "about me" post,

What I was doing 10 yrs ago: May 1998... I was a single mommy raising my daughter and my first son (they would have been 4 and 3 back in ’98). Wow, that takes me back to a time that was difficult! Two little tiny kids. I was working in a non-profit (here in Bellingham) and loving my chosen accounting career. Above all else I was happy to be a mommy. I had purchased a home and even raised a garden that year! I enjoyed watching Hannah and Nate barefoot in the garden and running through the sprinkler!

Five things on my to do list for today: Washing/drying laundry, folding laundry, putting laundry away…. And more laundry.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
Donate to Reece's Rainbow so that LOVING families would be able to adopt some of the coolest kiddos.
Donate to the American Cancer Society and find a cure for cancer.
Donate Children's Hospital (of Seattle) and Ronald McDonald House. Without either of them (and God); Colin and I would have lost our precious Tommy.
Buy an espresso machine :)

Three of my bad habits: I don’t answer our home phone often, I guess I get sidetracked with playing with all four of our kids. I procrastinate, should mow our long grass and weed our flower beds. The biggest bad habit is my espresso addiction (love the sugar free mochas). Another bad habit has been our non attendance at church (service and activities), we have been so sick though this year!

Five places I have lived: Only ever been in Washington State… Spokane (loved it), Seattle (way too busy), Marysville (too far from work), Bellingham (makes me happy), Ferndale (beautiful country living).

Five jobs I have had: Dog kennel poop-scooper (yep, first ever job!), McDonald’s (loved the French fries dipped in chocolate milkshakes), Babysitter, 14 years of motherhood (the most important job on my resume) and now almost 20 years in “not for profit” accounting/finance.

Five people I want to know more about…. My aunt Elizabeth, both of my sisters, my friends Pam and Stephanie. (You can post a comment with your response).

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