Wednesday, May 21

Feeding therapy

Today mommy and the feeding therapist set "6 month goals" and they are exciting! We will be working toward:

* 6 new sign language signs
* one verbal word (mommy asked the feeding therapist if this was possible so young... even Liam isn't talking yet, and she said ABSOLUTELY it's possible, never say never)
* drinking from a cup 4-6 oz
* initiating a game or song
* self feeding (Tommy would starve if we didn't place the food in his mouth)
* chewing on harder items like teething biscuits

Our new feeding therapist is wonderful! And Promise daycare has been FABULOUS about helping Tommy learn to eat. Much of his progress has been due to their diligence. Praise God for all the success so far with Tommy's eating.... only nine months ago he was learning to eat by mouth! Now he eats everything and anything that he is given. It hasn't even been a full year since open heart surgery and yet he is learning to drink from a cup and has mastered crawling. He is our miracle boy, no doubt.

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