Monday, May 19

Sign language

Today I playgroup I showed off my "two word" signs..... I signed "more singing". I love to hear singing. And just as mommy was telling the other moms that I can sign "more singing"... I did it! I heard singing and I wanted more, so I signed it.... and everyone sang more.

People get confused when they see mommy and daddy sign to me. "Can't he hear?".... "I thought he got ear tubes".... yep I can hear thanks to the tubes, but that's called my receptive language skills. My expressive language skills haven't come yet, I don't know how to say words using my mouth, so I'm learning to sign my words. And get EXACTLY what I want. Liam can sign too, he uses his hands to say "more" and he signs "dog".

Mommy was very proud. And thank's to Max's mom for being so encouraging!

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