Friday, May 2


Although the days seem to all blend together... mommy is definitely happy that it is Friday.

She and daddy both worked today and since us babies SEEMED to be doing better, we went to Promise. The teachers at Promise are INCREDIBLE with caring for us, teaching us and playing. Last week they had each of us lay very still on a huge piece of paper and they drew around us for an outline of our bodies. Then they placed those outlines on the wall with our names. Mine is the cutest! So is Liam's. We enjoy homemade food there, lots of Christian based songs are playing, we have such fun toys to play with and best of all.... there is a HUGE yard to play with all of our friends and big toys. I love all the kids in my class and mommy thinks it's been helpful in so many ways to my developoment.

After a few hours there today, I just did't feel like doing anything. I wanted to just moan and lay around. Soon mommy came to pick me up because she had talked to one of the teachers and knew I wasn't happy.

Fortunately, it was just before noon and she got ahold of our pediatrician. He has ordered some labs and we pray that those will tell us exactly what my tummy has been battling. Mommy said the word "colitis". And I remember I had that once before and it was no fun. The combination of Hirschsprung's Disease along with Down syndrome means my intestines and colin have alot of trouble gettin' going again after a GI bug. Plus we have been on antibiotics for ear and sinus infections for nearly 20 days. Blah! Mommy got the green light to up my probiotics to an adult dose to try to get the 'good bugs' back in my tummy.

Heavy sigh. Hopefully tomorrow's post is better news.

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