Friday, May 30

Occupational therapy and a nutrition appointment

A few days ago Miss S came to our home for an OT visit. She is really fun. This time she told mommy to take the cushions off the couch and put them on the floor for me to crawl all over. It was so much fun. See, since I can crawl now... Miss S wants me to start to climb over things and work on strengthening my legs and core muscles. This might help me to do something she called walking. I don't know about that, all I know is mom should keep the cushions off the couch forever! I went up on top of them, and then crawled down them and sat next to them and then crept up on them. I love that.

Today we saw the nutritionist. Daddy and mommy both came to this visit to hear what she had to say. I weigh 21 pounds and have gained 5 ounces since my last visit. I didn't lose any weight this time! But the last visit was in March so that means 5 ounces over two months, which is real slow. She gave my parents some ideas for ways to slowly increase my calories. Dad and mom got the green light to put butter on my veggies, cream cheese on a bagel, dry milk added to milk for my gtube feedings, peanut butter on a cracker, and try to fit more grilled cheese sandwiches into a meal. Yummy! The nutritionist thinks my weight is fine, it's continuing along the same curve on the growth chart but falling slightly on both the March visit and today so we are going to try some subtle calorie increases.

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