Sunday, October 26

Fall weekend highlights

Mom and dad took us to our first fall carnival at church. Mommy had heard it was really cool and it was. Liam and I dressed up as chickens. We thought it was silly and wanted the costumes OFF.

Liam liked being "on" or "in" the games. Standing in line was for patient kids. This game had a little froggy catapult.

Pastor Dick helped Liam with his golf shot. Mommy got teary eyed thinking it was two short years ago that our church family was praying for these two 'chickens' to come safely into our lives.

Our church was decorated with hay bales and pumpkins and lights. Pretty cool!

Daddy helped me in the game of fishing out a duckie.

Liam loved the fishing game too!

The carnival

Our evening ended the same way that it started.... with our cousins. We enjoyed their football games today and we were lucky enough to end our day together at a "haunted barn" in the county. Eeeeks! Lots of fun. Thanks Mack and Gabe.

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