Wednesday, October 8

"What works for us" - Wednesday

Each Wednesday I'm trying to post "what works for us". Although every family is different, it seems alot of us share commonalities and easily learn from 'helpful hints'.

Today's topic is taking care of YOU. Not your kiddo with special healthcare needs. Just taking care of you. About half of you are falling off your chair right now because you know how badly I take care of myself. But, I have turned over a new leaf and want to share it.

This week is National Breast Cancer Awarness. During my physical exam this year the doctor handed me that mamogram order and said "this is the single most important part of our hour together today". So, if you are like me and had been putting off those lab orders from your last physical exam, wait no longer, get 'r done!

Take a hike! Or a walk. 20 minutes in the sunlight even on a cloudy day provide enough Vitamin D for you to be healthy. Plus you get the benefit of great excercise and beautiful fall leaves.

Meditate or pray or however you find inner peace. Personally, I have been spending at least 30 minutes a day praying. It's hard to carve that peace of time from the day, but the benefits have been tremendous.

Let's stay healthy together!

Tommy Adventures