Tuesday, October 14

A fun day

When we got up this morning we got to spend time with two ladies from the Speech place. They come to our house and show mommy and us more about 'pretalking' stuff. We used our vibrators in our mouths, made funny faces at each other and played on the cushions of the couch (mommy took them off the couch so we could play before they came). Turns out my brother said "Boom" and "Weee" and made lots of vowel sounds!
I showed off my honey bear sippining. They thought it looked really good so mommy is going to practice more with me. Lots of practice. And then.... maybe another swallow study.
We found the cat. That's her, she is white. We like talking to her. We just pat at her... but pretty soon.... we are going to pick her up. Mommy just knows we are going to plot to do something with the cat.
Liam LOVES to rough house with daddy. Turns out this is when he says alot of things and signs "more". Go daddy and Liam!
Our day ended with Miss OT coming to our house and working with me. She played with a very heavy ball. We are trying to strengthen my 'core' .... if I could only start pilates :)

I like to stand up when I'm moving my cars around on the floor. It's kinda a weird picture of me in a half way position (mommy said some naughty words about her camera). But we wanted to include the picture so we can remember what I looked like when I was almost two years old and learning how to stand up and take some steps by myself.

We had a fun day. What did you do today?

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