Monday, October 20

Pumpkin' patch

All six of us enjoyed the pumpkin patch this weekend! The weather was wonderful.

Hannah and Nate took Tommy for a wheelbarrow ride, wheeee.

And of course Liam got his turn.

Nate was the most 'perticular pumpkin picker' in our family. But after we found just the perfect ones, daddy took a picture of a tired mommy. Somehow, and I'm VERY open for comments on this, Tommy weighs more than any kid I have ever carried. My posture and back aches are getting worse! Help me. We have backpacks for the twins, but often it takes up to 20 mins to 'saddle them up'. I'm thinking of getting a sling to 'wear' Tommy. But at 26 pounds now, I'm not sure if most can handle that. Often we are in places that our strollers don't work and I need to sherpa him around. Ideas? It must be something easy :)

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