Monday, October 27

What are the odds?

We have been asked from time to time about the chances/odds of having fraternal twin boys with one of them having Down syndrome.

Because it isn't very common, we belong to an online "multiples with Down syndrome group" to gain emotional support and learn 'words of wisdom' from other families. It is an amazing source of information. Right now, the group is slightly over 200 members worldwide. There are stories of going to school, going to work, riding a bike, reading, learning computers, etc.

One of the dad's who has twins both with Ds came up with the statistic of 1 in 80,000! The chances of having identicals both with Ds is 12 in every 4 million. The odds of having fraternal twins both with Down syndrome occurs once every 16 years! We are lucky enough to meet a set of those locally and their smiles FILL a room with joy.

If you have multiples and one (or more) has Down syndrome, you could learn or be encouraged by this group. It's in Yahoo groups. Come join us!

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