Monday, March 16

Children's Hospital visit

Tomorrow is our "Every 6 month" follow up in cardiology for post open heart surgery and continuing mitral valve leak. There is a 10am echo and an 11:30 meeting with our cardiologist. We are hopeful the doctors will reduce Tommy's heart meds to twice a day. Simply because the 11pm medicine is a hard one to continue to stay up for! And we pray that his heart, specifically the mitral valve remains at the same leak and no more. Pushing a follow up open heart surgery off until he is older, bigger and stronger.

We also see the "hearing" folks there tomorrow at 9am to evaluate if Tommy's left ear tube needs to be replaced. It fell out a few weeks back and we thought he was fine. However our pediatrician is wise and sent us back to Children's for 'preventative' conversations. He feels we should replace the tube to prevent future infections and improve Tommy's hearing. Without the tubes Tommy was hearing at 65 decible levels which is very hard of hearing.

Thankfully Grandma Sue and Papa Bill are meeting us at the Hospital to take Liam for the day. That is a huge blessing. They are even treating us to a homemade corned beef/cabbage dinner! Yippee. We will post more when we return from Children's.

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