Sunday, March 1

Looking ahead to the week

Crazy making schedule this week:

Monday: Take Hannah and Nate to school. Take twins to developmental therapy. Fetch Hannah and Nate from early release, grrr. Naps all around. Tommy to eye doctor. Hannah to horseback riding lesson. And one tired mommy to PTSA because she was not too bright when she volunteered last fall to be their treasurer.

Tuesday: Everyone to school. Mommy to work. Checkin at St Joseph's for swallow study for Tommy at 1:30. This will be the third swallow studay and hopefully he has a nice SAFE swallow. Speech therapist at home in the afternoon with Liam. Nate to 4-H in the evening.

Wednesday: Liam starts speech therapy at the private SLP. Then everyone to school. And mommy to work. Dentist appointment for the twins in the afternoon. Every 6 months they get their lil' baby toothers looked at. In the evening our DsOutreach is planning a financial seminar on planning trusts and such as parents of special needs kids. One of us is hoping to go.

Thursday: Sensational toddlers therapy in the morning. Mommy is hoping to work in the afternoon.

Whew! Note to self: try to space appointments and therapies out just a tad bit more.

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