Monday, March 30

Retropost of our weekend

On Saturday I was a guest at Cascade Dafo's training class for therapist. Yep, I stuck my little footsies out there for the therapists to learn how to fit special 'thotics for kids feet. And I showed them how I walk barefoot (stellar example of a flat footed pronater). But I got tired and whiney so mommy had to crawl on the floor to get me interested in walking. She didn't mind though. The company generously gave us a pair of Dafo's for our time spent at their training. Really nice! Plus they made mommy a cd of all the pictures of our time spent with them to date. A few visits and the photos are wonderful. She thinks it's because I'm sooooo handsome that they keep asking me back.

That was the highlight of our weekend. All else went downhill. And fast. Liam and I got really hot, up to 102 fever with ibuprofen. Everyday, all day. Then I got this rash all over my belly and back and it won't go away. Liam got a few of the spots on his back but mommy said mine is "remarkable". We stayed home today and will be home for the next few days. The doctor only talked to us on the phone and said to stay hydrated and rest. It lasts 7 to 10 days. Blah! Sick again.

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