Tuesday, March 24

What works for us Wednesday

A day early! Only because I will forget to post this if I don't do it while it's on my mind.....

Awhile back my friend Kristy posted about a new MTV show called "How's your news". Here is info about this new show:

Well, we were nervous about watching the show but VERY curious. So, with our teenager kids sitting next to us we all watched most of the shows. I think we missed one over the season. I cannot say enough wonderful comments about the sheer beauty of this show.

The best aspect of this show is showing us and the rest of the world that adults with developmental disabilities can be HUGE contributors to society. Unfortunately we just haven't created enough, or the right type, of jobs for all members of our communities. These reports on "How's your news" are great! They ask questions that are on their minds. They talk about their feelings, they share themselves, they make the news events interesting. We laughed, we cried, we 'winced', we shared their joy. Truely beautiful!

We can only hope that it will be renewed for another season! If you missed this season you can see some of the episodes on the link above.

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