Wednesday, March 18

What works for us Wednesday

Great news from our appointments at Children's Hospital.

First place to visit was the ear department. Daddy gave me flying lessons while we waited for the ear doctor at Children's hospital yesterday. It was so nice of Grandma Sue to pick up Liam so I had Mom/Dad to myself.

The doctor used this big microscope to look into my wee lil ear canals. He took out a BUNCH of yukky stuff and my right ear tube! Cause it was just sittin' in there doing nothing.
Then it was off to audiology for a hearing test. Sans ear tubes! This is what a soundproof room at Children's in audiology looks like. Don't be afraid though, a nice lady comes into the room with your mommy and blows bubbles and plays with ALL kinds of toys to help the test go really good.
I can hear in the 'normal to mildly loss' category. Can I hear a YIPPEE! Huge news for a kiddo that once qualified for the deaf/blind program in Washington because he could hear at 65 decibels and had delayed visual maturation. Oh how far I have come. I will get new ear tubes sometime in the next few months because my fluid behind my ear drum.

Then it was a race off to cardiology for my 6 month echo. My mitral valve leak continues to be rated 'moderate'. Mommy thinks it looks like the 'swirling vortex of terror' because on the echo tv screen it's blue, red and yellow swirling like a tornado.
Our cardiologist says we can stop our heart medicine Captopril. Which apparently has done us no good (wasn't bad either) and now can be ended. Which is terrific because it's the last one that was G-tube dependant. AND daddy doesn't have to stay up to 11pm to give it to me.
Someday, I will probably need more work on my heart. But for the now the problem with the valve isn't changing. Even though I'm running and walking and climbing.... it stayed the same. Hopefully I can grow a bunch more before I need it fixed again.
Mommy and daddy visited friends in the hospital, had lunch, and then went to Grandpa Bill and Grandma Sue's house for the very best St Paddy's dinner and to pick up Liam. It was a wonderful day filled with good news. So many of my days at Children's were much different, so we are sharing our joy with the world.

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