Wednesday, March 4

What works for us Wednesday


Hey, it's been one LONG week. Full of appointments, therapies, taxing teens and the like. Throw in there work, early release from high school and middle school, and just having a 'home' and a marriage and bam, I needed some honesty about how I was feeling.

It didn't come out in the best way.

In came spilling out during our new therapy session for Liam's speech today. It just came out in a crying mess. Which is usually the way this mommy handles honest communication about her feelings of exhaustion and worry. A stream of random comments and sobs. This poor therapist had to listen. Heavy sigh.

Honesty CAN be the most effective form of communciation. It leaves nothing to be 'read between the lines' or left for someone's imagination. Just telling someone how you honestly feel saves much time and many hurt feelings in the end. Sharing honestly about where you are in life can relieve much from a heavy heart.

I shared with this therapist that being alone with Liam made me realize just how silent he really is. Apraxia of speech has really startled me. I'm scared for him. And it isn't until I'm not around Hannah/Nate/Tommy talking incessantly, that I realize just how silent Liam really is. It hit me like a brick. And all of the exhaustion of the week and the anxious heart that I have with Liam's speech progress.... just came spilling out.

She offered good advice. SLOW DOWN. So I did. I cancelled tomorrow's sensory play group and although it is a great group session, I already feel some of the 'space' that I needed back in my routine. Deep breath.

What do you want to honestly share with someone? It will lighten your load. It worked for me today. And sometimes, I need to take it day by day.

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