Sunday, March 22

Goat wrangler

It was such a beautiful day I decided to go out to the barn and play with the goats!
I see the barn.... and I'm heading out there!

My brother Liam decided to come out to our barn too. I told him the goats were there!
Mommy kept showing us the sign language sign for "goat" but we were not interested in that. We wanted the goats!

First, we fed the big dairy goats some hay. They seemed to really like that.
I don't really like the texture of hay. But mommy said it was a good sen-sory texture for me to get use to.
Then we went into see the pygmy goats. They are SO cute. I wanted to pet them..... so I started walking to over to them.
The stall is full of hay and very uneven. My feet didn't fail me though. Good thing because there was yukky goat poo there.
So then I ran a little toward them..... they weren't looking to run away from me!
Oops, now they decided to move, so the chase was on.
I followed them around the stall trying to pet them.
Mommy finally stopped laughing long enough to grab one so I could pet.
And that is how you wrangle goats!

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