Saturday, August 1

First day of staycation

I'm not sure I spelled "stay - cation" correctly but I heard this word a few months ago and since our plans for travelling to Montana turned into staying home as a family, we are on a staycation "day one".

The twins and I met up with my sister Debbie and her kids at the Kids Craft fair at the library. We saw my friend Becky and her daughter Madeline and lots of families enjoying a MUCH cooler day.

Tommy had a front row seat in the stroller for the violin music :)

Liam LOVED the bananna bread and the relaxed music.

The sit and stand stroller allows Liam a little more freedom in "how he rolls..".

To end the day we ended up in aunt Debbie's pool (third time this week) and although I forgot my suit, Debbi/Nate/Hannah enjoyed the water with the boys
Not long after this picture, I checked Liam's swim diaper to find a poopy mess. The pool spent hours recovering because I checked his diaper while he was still in the water. Note to self, don't do that again. Grrr. It went thru the water. Tommy had also pooped. My sister and her husband spent hours getting the pool back in working order and we split. Sorry sis for poopin' and running. :)
My wonderful husband Colin spent the day working on our 'trenching' project. Which will allow us to have water and electricity to the chicken condo (in the background), my garden, the fruit trees, and the barn. It will also put phone/intercom at our front gate. Which will allow the little school bus to type in a code and come thru our gate, hopefully, when the boys start school in December. Colin is also putting in new fences for the goat pasture and a clothesline for me. I just love the smell of line dried clothes and want my four kiddos to grow up with that same memory of my childhood. Man, I love my husband. Seriously, he is one hard working, loving, and great friend to me guy. I'm going to go him a smooch! When we got home from the swimming fiasco Nate and I spent awhile helping him get further on the project.

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