Sunday, August 30

Relaxing weekend

We have enjoyed a very relaxing weekend. Yesterday Tommy got to play with his new friend Daphne. She is five years old and is ADORABLE. Actually Liam really enjoyed playing with Daphne more. Colin and I enjoyed talking to her parents and learning more about their family and what we have in common.
Today the twins and I went to church, they are so active but most people in our church recognize them and know the small details (like Tommy will convince you he needs the door leading to the parking lot opened, obviously most people haven't succumed to his grin and mistakenly let him out). I'm trying to catch up on the PTSA bookkeeping before we go back to school, and found a good software program to manage it this year (better than my makeshift excel wksht from last year). Hannah and Nate return from a week at Astoria with family and I'll be glad to see their smiling faces. Plus, I made an awesome fresh blackberry and apple cobbler to keep me going today :)
I found a couple more pictures from the fair, this one is Hannah's 4-H horse group, she is on the far right. They all had a blast! And I can safely say I have unpacked and washed everything.

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