Sunday, December 27

Joyous Christmas

We REALLY enjoyed Christmas this year. Our second year of not being in the hospital :) The collage above is a new thing for me, it's *much* faster than posting individual pictures to our blog. Each picture represents a special moment for our Christmas celebration. Nate, Hannah and I are in the upper left corner. Along with my sister Debbie's family in the upper right. Middle of the page is the wonderul meal my mother-in-law Dorothy made and Colin's brothers and our nephews. The antiqued picture is of my parents home where we hade a fabulous breakfast on Saturday and enjoyed my mom and dad's company. Lower left is Liam on his 4-wheeler from grandma Dorothy. Hannah and Nate opening presents. And the most precious picture is the last one, Liam helping with Tommy's nebulizer treatment (just before I snapped the picture he was rubbing Tom's head).
We stayed with our budget for each of our four kids and each other. Praise God! I really enjoyed presents from my parents Pioneer Woman cookbook, and Make it fast, Cook it slow and pj's. I especially enjoyed the quiet moments this Christmas where I could read my bible and walk just a tad bit closer and slower.
This next week will include Tuesday at Children's for oto visit to talk about tonsils and adenoid possible surgery (although I doubt it), training Tommy on his cpap machine (yep we finally got it), and Thursday we take the teens for four days to Wenatchee/Mission Ridge snowmobiling and some much needed family time with just Hannah and Nate.

Tommy Adventures