Sunday, December 13

Party day

What a busy day. The Parent 2 Parent Annual Holiday party was first thing on our agenda. We played in bird seed, ate lunch with a bunch of really cool families, wrote letters to Santa, made a picture frame for our Santa photo and *ran* around a whole bunch! There were more families at the event this year than the previous two years and it was fun to see so many kids and hear stories of raising children with special needs.
My sister Tami and her son Andrew came too. I needed an extra set of hands with the twins and they love playing with their cousin Andrew . And Andrew really liked the playground at the park we were at.
Liam just sees the playground at Bloedel and wants to play for hours! He is verbalizing more everyday but still uses some signs to get his point across.

We ate a really yummy lunch together.

After the P2P party, we went home because there was another party at our house...... THE TWINS TURNED THREE YEARS OLD!!!
And this momma celebrated the memory of a natural twin childbirth with a HUGE magarita.

And suddenly, she saw this guy.....

Liam really likes dressing up as buzzlightyear and added the swimming googles. Too goofy.

Tommy really enjoyed Uncle Marty and was sleepy snuggly with him.

Happy Birthday Tommy and Liam! Mommy added their names and a school bus to their cake :)

And then, this happened..... A Whole Bunch o' presents.

Oh how fun was singing happy birthday!

My sister Debbie's family, we LOVE them, but somehow we didn't have enough chairs..... aren't they just a cute family?

The last party of the night was rather spontaneous. My sister Tami (smooshed to my face above) told us about her friend's son's culminating senior project of a Rock Band concert to benefit the local food bank. Huh? Well, that sounds like fun.... and off we went. With Hannah, Nate and Mac, us two, and her son Andrew.... we had a *blast*. The concert was in a barn a few pastures away as the crow flies. Kranz Koop is an old barn that has lots of neat antiques covering it' walls and a very comfy spot to listen to tunes.

This is a SKA band I learned. To me, it sounded like a bit Irish fast paced fun music.

And this band was the last one and in back you can see my brother in law Jason (Tami's hubby) on harmonica. So cool! A great ending to a long and fun day.

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