Friday, December 4

Pioneer Christmas in the Park

Our downtown area has a historical park with real pioneer cabins. In the summertime we have toured the cabins during Old Settler days and watched reenactments of pioneer times.
Tonight we had a special treat to tour the cabins all beautiful with Christmas music, lights, pioneer people dressed in the Christmas best and enjoyed time with each other. I didn't really get much into the whole thing... but you can see the pictures in a minute.
Before we went to see the cabins we ate at our favorite restaurant. Now that I liked! Since grandma sue is in town we got to eat with her and she brought all of our cousins (Aunt Deb and Uncle Rob are in a place called Hawaii).

When we toured the pioneer cabins, the church one had a beautiful nativity scene in it. Here is mom and I. She put me in the ergo pack because I was running around a *whole* bunch and acting crazy.
The old barn had really BIG horses in it and I liked petting them. Here Nate and Liam and Madison enjoyed the horses too. It was a big surprise to open those barn doors on a dark night and see those BIG horses!
Mom can't stop laughing when she sees this picture of me and Santa. He was a nice guy and all but I just wasn't into it.

Christmas in the Pioneer park was fun though!

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