Sunday, December 20

Wonder week

Our stockings are hung. Six stockings to fill Santa!

This week Tommy has a busy schedule before Christmas day. Monday he is getting new orthotics. He has outgrown the last pair by just a little bit, but I know with a school schedule starting in January, getting him refit now will be a lot easier. Tuesday we will try to get an appointment for his first Synagis shot this season. The insurance companies approved a request for Tommy to have the Synagis shot series for RSV prevention. Letters were written on Tommy's behalf from Seattle Children's, Bellingham Immunology and our Pediatrician. And it worked! They said yep he needs the immunity. HUGE blessing this vaccine will be, our last inpatient stay with RSV was 10 days. Then on Wednesday, Tommy gets fitted for his CPAP machine. Getting a CPAP machine for 'off label use' for a little guy weighing 30 pounds was a miracle and much patience, thanks Shari at our home healthcare. Tommy will be ready for Christmas cheer by the end of the week!

Liam is REALLY enjoying Christmas preparations. Today at Sunday school he colored a little book that included the chapter 2 from Luke. He loves to say the words for this chapter when I read it aloud. Very sweet. And in his Child's bible it has a picture of the angel Gabriel with HUGE wings.... Liam screams FLY... FLY... whenever he sees the angel. No, it's not a fly... it's an angel :)

I have been enjoying small pieces of joy this Christmas season. Running into my favorite twin mom friend Sarah who was in Bellingham for the weekend from Idaho. Seeing her *beautiful* family. Enjoying my early presents from my parents to me The Pioneer Woman Cooks ... and the cookbook Make it fast, cook it slow. Mmmmm. Reading my bible, singing Christmas songs, frosting sugar cookie cutouts... telling Tommy he can't dance on the top of the dinning room table (he ate too many cookies), catching Nate peeking at the wrapped presents under the tree, and listening to Liam sing O Holy Night (he only sings the O part). I love the small moments this season.

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