Monday, December 7

Thoughts from the north pole

Technically we live on North Star road, but for all purposes we will call it the north pole because it's 18 degrees right now. Lots of thoughts fill my head lately. The wonderful Christmas season filled with joy. The thoughts of the boys turning three. Hannah learning to drive and doing a great job. Nate being an amazing brother and son.

Fun weekend updates included a visit from our friends Bonny and Larry (complete with their bringing LOTS of donughts and delicious coffee)...we miss them and see them infrequently but it's always like we haven't missed a day.

We took all four kids out to chop down our Christmas tree. As usual, it was cold and fun. Pictures are on facebook. After we got the tree up and decorated and Hannah to/from cheerleading practice.... the twins and I were goofing around and poof.... I went head over heels backward. Yep. Colin of course got to snap the classic picture. All were fine.

Lots on my mind lately with the boys turning three this coming weekend. Thoughts of summers in Montana. Liam's love of trucks.

Memories of 'graduation' from ICU unit to the floor for Tommy, complete with an all night party in bed with his twin. Three years ago I would not have even know the happiness that comes from the nurses sweet certificate that show graduation from ICU. Tommy was so sick with Hirschsprung's disease and other issues we are grateful to God for getting us thru many rough weeks the last three years, the worse of which was this past June.

And I was thinking about how they fit on my lap. In my arms, on my chest. Now they don't stop running. And three years have flown by. Oh how happy we are that they will be 3 this weekend!

And since they are turning 3....we meet with the school on Wednesday for their IEP. We have so many people coming to their IEP the school psychologist said she was going to look for a bigger room. Their birthday party this weekend will include a school bus birthday cake to celebrate their going to school on the yellow bus.
I know it will go really well and the school will have wonderful ideas of how to help the boys continue learning. But it's one more thing heavy on my heart lately.
This picture is a year old, but I just love my family so much I had to repost.

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