Wednesday, December 30

Two kinds of prayers....

I read there are only really two kinds of prayers.... "please" and "thank you". Oh how true it was yesterday.

Tommy wasn't too fond of the ENT doc at Children's yesterday. But the visit was productive in the sense that his tonsils and adenoids will come out on 2/25. The doc termed Tommy's tonsils a 2 or 3 on a scale of 0-4. Not big, but with severe sleep apnea they really want to give him the best chance at keeping his airway open at night, in addition to the cpap machine. He will also get his third set of pe tubes on that day. Since Tommy is complex, it will be an overnight stay to make sure all his systems are back up and in the groove. I'm very anxious about this news, it's difficult to hear of surgery for our little son who struggles to mend from anything even a slight cold. So to hear he will have surgery makes for a heavy heart. Thank you for doctors with the wisdom and ability to give Tommy a lifetime.

While at Children's we stopped in to visit a friend of Hannah's who is there for a diagnosis and not feeling good at all. Oh how we pray for a diagnosis for Miss M and miracles to mend her body. Walking thru the double doors of the cancer care ward brought back a flood of memories for our friend Chelsea. It was simply too much for me, I went to bed crying. It just doesn't seem fair for children to go thru so much pain. Please give this family peace and comfort right now while they wait for a diagnosis. And a big loving hug to the Ebert family who I think about daily at this time of year.

The bright side of our day, and I mean BRIGHT, was my dad's 86th birthday party at a local mexican restaurant. Most of his grandkids were there (except three of my kids were back home) plus all three of his daughters. It was loud, yummy and hilarious when he wore the sombraro. My dad is an amazing man who continues to greatly influence my life. Thank you for giving me the BEST dad in the world!

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